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Interior Decorating Consultation 


Requires a 1 hour visit with one of our designers at your home.

The designer will provide answers to your questions and give guidance with:


  • Space planning and/or placement of furnishings

  • Balancing and/or creating a color scheme

  • Creating a focal point

  • Creating more effective light sources

  • Transitioning a space to a different function, e.g. guest bedroom to home office



interior design render
Design Concept Rendering


After your consultation with your designer we can create a 3d photo realistic design concept.


Once the design concept is approved your designer provides you with a quote to implement the design services. 

Paint Supplies
Color Consultation 


Requires a 1.5 hour visit at your home

the designer will provide answers to your questions and give guidance with:


  • How colors work in harmony with the light, space and furnishings within your home.

  • Discuss your current decorating plans, favourite colors and ideas for the space.

  •  Provide written specification detailing recommended color schemes, wallpaper designs and finishes.


Design Services We Provide:


  • Assist in selecting and purchasing merchandise such as furnishings, window treatments, light fixtures, art and accessories

  • Installation; hang curtains, art, wall decor and mirrors

  • Color Consulting 

  • Assist in choosing flooring, backlash, counter tops, lighting, hardware, vanities & cabinets.

  • Shop-a-longs (2 hr minimum)

  • Coordinate crating, shipping and delivery

  • Converse with other trade sources as needed

  • On-site installation of interior furnishings

  • Help you in creating a budget and project timeline 

interior design rendering san diego
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